About us

Shotsrv is short for Website Screenshot Service.

There are many competing screenshot services on the web, However they are either very hard to use, or they just don't work that well. Not to mention that the few that work are expensive. If you were to have a burst of traffic on your website, you will either have to pay extra or it will silently fail and show broken images to your users.

Shotsrv for all your website Screenshots needs.

Shotsrv uses the latest screenshot technology and is built to handle massive amount of requests.

It requires no technical knowlegde to install. All you have to do is provide the url you want a snapshot for and you are done.

Try it out for free! Use it on your website:

<img src="http://get.shotsrv.com/img?url=http://www.google.com/search?q=tesla" />

Rendering google search.

Remove the watermark.

With the free service you get an image with a little watermark on it. Just for $9.99 a month, you can remove our watermark and we will move you to an even faster server. You can add additional websites for just $4.99